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"Atlante Mediterraneo" 
a cura di AmazeLab

Bari Porta a Levante  

Observing Mediterranean Sea from sea point of view means to leave out the mainland, imaging it just like a perimeter delimitation. Exactly the sea.

Inside this fluid region take form water geometries - politics and commercials. Here, emerge a liquids islands inverse archipelago, where jell boarding nations agreeements. An emerged territories isolario, developed by a "sea-experiences" collection.

isolario Before the atlas there were only the isolario. Isolario were books composed by maps and descriptions, where gobe - starting from Mediterranean Sea - was decomposed in islands. So, this globe was not just containing something, but was contained into something else before, into the sea. Was considered Island each emerged land... *

Inside Mediterranean Sea, the zones where political frictions are condensed are defined by intersections between territorial waters, fishing zones, shipping corridors, exclusive economical zones (ZEE). Territorial waters are designed as a State dominion extention over mainland and internal waters: there are a generical 12 nautical miles corridor containing overhanging airspace and corresponding seabed and underground. For everybody the passage is allowed but not a causeless stop. In these areas, the boundary lines proximity re-draws the map and its norms. It creates an exeptional moving up geography that heeds sailing and offing fishing practices.

These water-islands represent the condensation of international agreeements, commercial interests, more-or-less solved political affairs. These are new "emerged lands",   places where relationships between nations and people are ruled by the sea code (maden by lights, sounds, cues, maps) and by practices, directs experiences of sailors. Aegean Sea, Gaza Strip, Gibraltar, Bocche di Bonifacio, Otranto canal, Tieste Goulf... This isolario is maden by maps, stories, explorations, collecting these places' biography. It trace a "thalaxonomy", a collection of gazes taking inspiration from thalassa greek concept: sea as experience and event. Instruments used to build this in progress isolario move by observation and relation with pople who inhabit and cross these islands: catching this relationships' clues, re-drawing a cartography, recording sounds and voices, reading the space through video and written-tale languages.

*Franco Farinelli, Geografia, Einaudi 2003